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Introducing SHAKEN - The Car Inspection System
In Japan, the SHAKEN inspection system plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and proper maintenance of vehicles on the roads. Beyond safety concerns, it also serves to identify any illegal modifications made to vehicles.
Vehicles that have been illegally modified or deemed unsafe are marked with a distinctive red sticker. This sticker prominently displays the term "fuseikaizousha" (不正改造車), meaning "Illegal Vehicle," in yellow, along with the date when the vehicle was declared unfit for road use.
To access this system and find the nearest inspection centers, visit the following link: SHAKEN Inspection System  Simply input your postcode to begin your search.
The "Vehicle Inspection Cost Comparison/Estimate" site makes it effortless to compare services and prices offered by nearby inspection centers. Start by entering your postal code, then refine your search by specifying vehicle type or weight for more accurate estimates at each location.
Furthermore, you can customize your search based on specific service details such as one-day inspections or complimentary pick-up and delivery. You can also filter results based on store features like certification or factory designation.
The best part? This service is entirely free! You can search, make inquiries, and obtain estimates without any hidden costs or obligations.
Find the perfect vehicle inspection store that meets your needs.
Another shop that provides Shaken service (Vehicle inspection service) is KOBAC

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