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South Indian Food in Tokyo - Kerala Restaurant in Tokyo - South Park Japan

South Park - A South Indian (Kerala) restaurant located in Asakusa near Senso-ji temple. Serve homely cuisine from Kerala.South Park is a place where you will experience the flavours of traditional homely Kerala cooking. South Park bring you the rare and unique recipes from Kerala. サウスパークは浅草の浅草寺に近い場所にあります。当店ではケララの家庭料理を提供しています。サウスパークで美味しいケララの伝統的な家庭料理をお楽しみいただけます。当店はお客様に個性的なケララのレシピで作った料理をお届けします。サウスパーク 浅草 サウスパーク ジャパン 浅草 サウスパーク 浅草 サウスパーク 浅草 ケララ レストラン ケララ レストラン 日本 浅草のケララ料理 東京のケララ料理 [More]

Disaster Survival Tips

Disaster Survival Tips - In the event of a disaster, water supply, gas and power lines may all come to a stop. You will be unable to get your hands on almost all the things you need for daily life. You will have to live for about three days to one week on just limited resources. In this chapter, we have collected various types of knowledge and ingenuity that will be useful when a disaster occurs, and use illustrations to explain them in an easy-to-understand manner. [More]