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Below are the list of documents required for applying Japanese Visiting/Tourist Visa in India 

①Applicants Passport /Old passport (if any)
②Visa application 1 
③Photo 2 
④Confirmation slip, certificate, or other documents that proves reservation of air ticket or that of vessel. 
⑤Documents to prove kinship 
     Any of below 
  • Birth certificate 
  • Marriage certificate 
  • Certified copy of the family register, etc. 
⑥Documents to prove ability to pay for travel expenses ( In case invited by family in Japan then no need of this)
  • A certificate of income or a tax declaration certificate issued by a public agency 
  • Certificate of deposit balance 
【Provided from Japan】 
①Letter of reason for invitation 
②Documents to prove kinship 
 ・Certified copy of the family register 
 (When the inviter or his/her spouse is Japanese) 
* When the guarantor is to pay for the above-mentioned travel expenses, submit the following documents listed in ③-⑤. 

③Letter of guarantee 
④Any one of the following documents concerning the guarantor 
- A certificate of income 
- A certificate of deposit balance 
- A photocopy of the counterfoil of final tax return with the seal of reception of the TaxOffice (e-Tax : submit Receipt Notification and Final Tax Return). 
- A certificate of tax payment (Form 2) (Note) Please submit the document including gross income. 
⑤A certificate of residence (with description of his/ her family relationship with all family members) 
(Note) When the guarantor is a foreign national, 
  • submit a photocopy of the both sides of the valid Residence card (the Alien Registration), 
  • a Certificate of residence without omission of matters listed except for Resident Record Code, 
  • and a photocopy of his/her passport (including the pages of status items, the record of entry/departure, and permission of residence) 
Other docs 
1. One Visa Form dully filled and signed by applicant
2. Covering letter on mentioning details of visit, purpose, expenses, etc (to be prepared for parents/relatives)
3. Pay slips/salary certificate for last 3 month (if employed)

Important Note: The Consulate may ask more documents 
(Updated on 2014/08/20)
When I applied for bringing my mother and mother in law from India. The vIsa office in India have asked for 

1. ID card Copy (PAN card or Aaadar card)
2. Copy of bank account statement for last 2 months 

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