Shizuoka Asia Bridge Program (ABP) - Study for FREE with a scholarship to Shizuoka University, Japan

Shizuoka University's Asia Bridge Program (ABP) offers an undergraduate (bachelor's degree) program and a master's degree program. In the undergraduate program, candidates are recruited from India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam for an overseas or in-Japan admissions screening process. The ABP undergraduate curriculum provides all first-year students with an initial six months of intensive Japanese language training which prepares them to study in their major fields with Japanese students. In the master's degree program, students from the 16 designated Asian regions and countries study at the Graduate School of Integrated Science and Technology. The degree is offered in English, and the students are trained to be the world's top scientists and engineers.

Asia Bridge Program (ABP) is a unique industry-academia collaborative program for students from India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Working closely with Shizuoka-based global corporations, the program is designed to educate future global leaders for business and society. The curriculum emphasizes a well-rounded interdisciplinary education with a focus on a combination of technical expertise, business sense, scientific thinking, and interpersonal skills through which students grow as liaisons between Shizuoka and their home countries.

Asia Bridge Program (ABP) provides you with comprehensive assistance from university admissions and campus life to post-graduate careers.

ABP is a 4-year program that starts in October with a semester of intensive language training.

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Seems year 2017 deadline already passed. It was in Dec 2016. Interested candidates can try for 2018 

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