Sending Money to India and other countries using Unimoni (formerly known as UAE Exchange) in Japan

Recently we come across Unimoni (formerly known as UAE Exchange)  a money transfer company based in Tokyo and used their services. Their services seems to be very quick and hassle free. This post is to share the process of money transfer using Unimoni.  This might of use to fellow community members in Japan. 

About Unimoni (formerly known as UAE Exchange) (took from their website) - Unimoni is a diversified global provider of financial solutions and services. We facilitate the seamless movement of money across geographies, currencies and channels via multiple customer touchpoints including retail stores, online and mobile solutions, and self-service kiosks.



Online site:

email address:

Phone: 03 6304 5233

Mobile: 090 7176 2281

Registration and Remittance Procedure:                            

  • Complete the registration form. Click here to download the form 
  • You can submit the registration form to or call/text 090-7176-2281 (WhatsApp, LINE and Viber) 
  • Once the registration is completed, we will send you the confirmation letter with your unique customer number via post mail to your address on the registration form.
  • Upon receiving the confirmation mail and the customer number, you can use Unimoni KK services.
  • Email or call/text 090-7176-2281 (WhatsApp, LINE and Viber) if you would like to know the current rate and for remittance transaction.
  • Remittance amount should be deposited to our JP Post Bank or MUFJ Bank account.
  • Remittance receipt will be forwarded to you via Email or registered mobile number.
  • We have remittance limits of JPY 1,000,000 per day and JPY 12,000,000 per year (fee excluded).
  • The exact exchange rate will be subject to prevailing exchange rates at the time of remittance.
  • Once the rate is determined no changes are allowed.

Details of Bank where you can deposit money 

JP Post Bank Account (YUCHO GINKO)

JPY Account: 10110-87549661

A/C Name: Unimoni KK ユニマニー(カ

Branch Name: 018店[ゼロイチハチ]

Mitsubishi UFJ (MUFJ)

A/C Name: Unimoni KK ユニマニー(カ

A/C Number: 5437646

Branch Name: Shinjuku Chuo (469)







JPY 50,000

JPY 500

JPY 50,001

JPY 100,000

JPY 850

JPY 100,001

JPY 300,000

JPY 1,000

JPY 300,001

JPY 1,000,000

JPY 1,500






JPY 30,000

JPY 850

JPY 30,001

JPY 420,000

JPY 1,450


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  • Hi Pradeep, Let me check and get back to you
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    Better benefits in monetory terms .
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  • How long does it take to  credit the amount. Though I made remittance on Friday morning I have not received money yet and it's Sunday .
    I have received remittance receipt from USExchnage guys .
    • Hi Nagraj: Hope your transfer to India was successful. You can contact their customer support email for any issues

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